Review Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service providing clubs and most importantly thank you for the lesson.  You have made a difference in my golf game.  Now if I just watch your video and then take the "baby steps" I will move forward.  

Again thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you."
Duane Klute

"My friend and I played at Wailea this summer. The experience with Dick was just awesome all around. He first took the time to determine which course and time would work for us and which clubs would best suit us. He also gave us a ride to and from the club (which made our families really happy) and gave us some playing tips that really helped us enjoy the round more. Dick is knowledgeable about golf, the equipment, and the local courses so you can't get any better than that. He is super-responsive and really seems to love the sport and his customers. My friend and I are looking forward to our next trip to Maui and will definitely rent from Dick again. We are still talking about our great round at Wailea and his hand-made clubs."

Thanks Dick!
Greg Harlan
La Canada Flintridge, CA

Aloha Dick!
"Not sure if you remember me....took a lesson from you in August 2011 and I also rented your clubs, bought your cd. Anyway just wanted to let you know of my progress. Prior to meeting you I was a "solid" 103 - 108 per round. Now I am a solid 95 and feel like I am getting better every time I play a round or go to the range. Just want to thank you for helping me get my game on track!! My playing partners have been quite shocked to say the least!!! Before our lesson, I never ever used my driver cause I never could hit it and now I LOVE using the driver. My shots are straight and carry a very good distance. But...I still make some mistakes here and there and those keep me from getting under 90!!  

Anyway...a super big mahalo for your help and I hope to get back to Maui next year and maybe see you again!!!! "
Fred DeVoe,
East Brunswick, NJ.

Hi Dick
"Thank you for arranging my golf experiences in Ohau. Played with an American visitor at Makaha Valley, great beginning course, played with 2 American guys at Royal Hawaiian a father and son, the son a local, what a spectacular course, I lost some balls but that didn’t matter, the last round at Ko’Olau was with another Australian and our driver Michael from Mikele Tours, this was described as Royal Hawaiian on steroids/Jurasic park lost a heap more balls but what an experience, I have never seen anything like these 2 courses. So thanks again Dick, I will recommend your service to anyone I know who might be considering playing in Ohau or Maui for that matter."

Laurie Houghton
Adelaide South Australia

Hi Dick....

"It has been a couple of months since we vacationed on Maui.  Buying the Tiger series golf clubs from you, with your special customization has turned my golf game around.  I'm getting a consistent fifteen to thirty yards more with my driver and the irons have given me a lot more accuracy.  Plus, I've been playing your DVD over and over with concentration on all aspects of my game and I'm somewhere between five and ten strokes better per round.

Thank you so much my friend.  Next time we come to the Islands, lunch is on me."
Claude "Hoot" Hooten is from Santa Maria, CA.

"Dick Lowe as a resource is the best golf value in Hawaii."

Thanks for everything. 
Dan Bell, Plano, TX. 

"I enjoyed using your clubs.  You did an outstanding job.  The golf was great.  I shot 8 strokes better than my handicap average.  It was a pleasure. "

Thanks again,
Don Helton
Mira Loma, CA.

When ever I conduct business with a company that provides service that exceeds my expectations I like to let them know. I rented clubs recently for a day of golf with friends and was very pleased not only with the service but with the quality of the equipment you supplied. You were on time with your delivery, the clubs were like new, and the bag was not the usual cheap type but a good quality bag. You even had the correct size gloves and a good selection of balls. When I ever come back to Maui I will be sure to contact you. I will also let all my friends know about your company and the great experience I had."

Sincerely Yours,
Fred Bowman
Renton, WA.

Hi Dick and Sherry,
"I just got through reading all of the wonderful testimonials on your web page and I find myself totally agreeing with them all!!! I truly believe our day of golf was one of the best days we had in Maui and it was because you took the time to make sure that we had the proper set of clubs to play the course. I just wanted to thank you once again and this morning when I was golfing with my girlfriends, here in San Diego, I tried some of your helpful hints and they were working!! Everyone we have spoken with and shared our trip with has heard about you and your care, concern, professionalism, and the wonderful way you swing a golf club!!!

I hope I am not imposing by asking you this - but since I have a much handed-down golf bag, would you mind, when you get the time, to pick out and order a new light weight women's golf club bag that would go with my brand new clubs that you are making me? I know you sent all of those catalogs - and so perhaps there would be something you would think that would look good, be durable, and is reasonable in price....maybe even the ones you were showing me. All I ask is that it has a putter sleeve on the outside (like the tan one I used). I truly do trust your judgment when it comes to golf and accessories ! :-) Gary and I both enjoyed meeting you and Sherry so much and you can be assured that anyone we hear about planning an upcoming trip to Maui will be made aware of you and your wonderful services."

Gary and Maribeth Rodemeyer
San Diego, CA

Hi Dick,
"This is just a short note as I promised I would contact you again. First let me say that the service I received when I rented golf clubs from you was exceptional. Your company really does go the extra mile and more. The clubs I rented were so good that I seriously considered buying them. However, having left a brand new set at home I did not think such a decision would have met with the approval of my wife. I did however purchase the driver that I used that week and took it home with me. I had never hit the ball so well, so accurate and so far with any of my $500 plus drivers that I had purchased in the past. Of course all the guys that I played with in Maui and who egged me on the buy it then said that when I got it home and the check cleared the magic would disappear.

I am happy to say that this has not been the case. The driver is in my bag to this day and will never leave until it falls apart. I play on a very tight course and now rarely miss a fairway. My buddies are trying to figure out why I am now hitting the ball regularly thirty yards past them. I have no idea how you put the club together but I have never had so much fun in twenty five years of playing this game.

For anyone who cannot take their clubs with them to Mau, but want to play and enjoy the experience, Look no further. The golf clubs that you will get from Golf Club Rentals are as good as it gets. Add to that the outstanding service and clubs delivered to your door and you have it made. I will be in touch when I visit Maui again in 2008 as I need some more of those gloves that you have."

Best regards,,
Brian Houlihan,
Vancouver, BC

"Saw your ad in the yellow pages and called to rent clubs for my wife & I two weeks ago. Your questions for fitting the clubs, your recommendations, your delivery and pickup service, and the performance and condition of the rental clubs was a very pleasant surprise to us. The clubs were polished to look like new, the bag was like new, and they performed better than my own clubs. I'm a 17 index and shot under that with your clubs on a new course to me (Kaanapali South).

I highly recommend them to anyone. With clubs and service like yours, I think anyone who lugs their own clubs to Maui is nuts.

Thanks a lot. See you next time and will probably be taking a new set home.

Keith Silbaugh
Mission Viejo, CA.


"I just wanted to provide some feedback on the clubs that I rented from you on August 2. Excellent recommendations on shaft firmness, driver, and polymer faced putter. The set of clubs felt extremely comfortable.

I played one of my best rounds of golf in a long time. Thanks for making it a simple and enjoyable experience."

Tim Smith
Arlington, Texas

"Rented a set of clubs from you guys last week and I can't tell you how happy I was with their performance. By far the best rental set I have ever played. The time that you took to make sure they were right was worth it. Be sure I will use your service again and recommend it to anyone who asks."

thanks again,
Dave Laskos
Goodyear, AZ

Dear Dick & Crew,
"Thanks so much for contributing to another beautiful Maui vacation. Joyce and I always rent clubs from you folks because of the fine quality and service. Especially now, with all the travel requirements, there is no need to put up with the hassle of bringing your owns clubs when you fix us up sooooooo well. The Maui Schooner recommended you to us many years ago and I'm sure glad they did. Thanks again to everyone."

Greg Palmer

"I thought that you would be interested in knowing that the sticks are still working. We had our club championship this past weekend and I came in first place for Low Net. I beat the 2nd place by 10 strokes! Love these clubs!"

Joan Sandler
Debary, Florida

"John is using and LOVING the driver you built for him with a great deal of ease. We were talking about it again last night and just wanted to say thanks! We will definitely use your services again when in Maui."

Have a great day!
John & Laura Schmalz
Centinnel, Colorado

"I just wanted to thank you for a great golf experience this past week. Your company provided Quality Clubs as reserved and they worked Great! Your customer service was outstanding and made our trip outstanding. We recommend your service to those who don't want to drag their clubs along. Your "Maui Clubs" certainly hit like the Ping irons I use at home. Thanks again."

Joel M. Smith
Mesa, Arizona

Hi Dick,
"I just got your postcard today with greetings and thanks from Maui. I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your custom clubs, delivery service and personal attention to detail during our recent visit. As fate would have it, our putting was off that day, but the clubs were excellent....a nice solid feel through impact, well balanced and quality construction. We will certainly keep you in mind for future rentals and purchases!"

Yong and JinaMaui Golf Clubs

Dear Mr. Lowe,
"Thank you for sending me information in the past. Your clubs are still doing an excellent job. I have tried many others, but found no reason to switch. Thanks for convincing me to buy them".

Dana Williams

"Thanks for the use of those great clubs!
I especially liked the custom driver! Custom fit quality clubs at a cheap price. I am taking your literature home with me and will certainly pass it on. You will definitely hear from me again the next time we are on Maui".

Mark Nedza
Cary, Illinois

Yo, Dick Lowe,
"Just a note to let you know that after 40 years of golf and 2 ½ months after I purchased a used set of your great irons, I got my first hole in one!!!!!! It was just 100 yards and your great pitching wedge. Voila! I’m sure it was the confidence that your irons give me that generated that shot. Thanks for helping to make it happen".

Bill Stidham
Granite Bay, California

"The fact that 3 months later I still feel one of our best days in Hawaii was the day my son, Corey, and I played golf with two sets of clubs you put together for us, is testimony to your skill, experience, professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The clubs were perfect, the day was perfect (it rained that "tropical" rain in the morning), the game was the best I’ve played in years and the best my son has ever played. I love that 7 wood!

You asked me for only one thing besides the rental fee, "please tell your friends about us." Believe me, I’ve been talking to people for 3 months about you and your service.

Great work! Congratulations and Thanks for making it one of the great memories of Maui".

Mike & Corey Humphrey


"I just wanted to tell you how much I love hitting the off-set driver I bought from you about three weeks ago. The club cost me $60, because I bought the used version. A very good investment, since now I seem to be finding the fairways a whole lot more. Again I just wanted to thank you for recommending the club in the first place, then making it available for me to buy it".

Bobby Jeter

"By the way, John’s golf improving and even with my lengthy lay-off, I show improvement. Bugs the Hell out of John. I attribute it to your clubs. I totally love them. And the 7 wood is a dream. All the best to you".

Donna and John Fraser
British Columbia, Canada

"A quick note to express my satisfaction and thanks for your excellent service during my recent stay on Maui. The set of clubs you provided was great and I was delighted with how well I hit the ball, especially with the irons.

I will refer anyone to your service and will definitely call you upon my next visit to Maui".

Tom Grossman
Schererville, Indiana

"Truly enjoyed playing with your rental clubs. Yes, that’s right rental clubs and enjoyment in the same sentence. Your service is wonderful. Plan to use you again next trip to Maui".

Cindy Bagwell

"I just had to drop you a line to tell you that 1 (one) wood I sent you back damaged and you fixed, must have some special Maui blessing. I have hit that club 285-300+ in the fairway, all year. I did notice it was a different shaft from the original, I don’t know if that has made the difference, but man, have I had fun hitting that club. You know, everyone has a favorite iron or wood they like to hit, well, I NEVER looked forward to my driver, but this year I’m always asking, "when is the next driving hole?

I was fortunate enough this past week end to attend our PGA event in Vancouver/Surrey, the Air Canada Cup, and play a round of golf on Sunday at the same course the pro’s were playing (the other 18 holes of course) and won a $700 guided salmon fishing trip for winning the Men’s Long Drive!! I wonder, have you ever fished for Salmon, Dick? You’re invited".

Take Care,
Brett Irving
Vancouver, BC

"My new wife and I spent our honeymoon on Maui last September. I rented your clubs and played the Dunes at Maui Lani, the morning of September 11th no less! In fact, I was so determined not to let those events affect my game that my score for 18 holes improved by 10 strokes! Maybe it was that PLUS the great course, our discussions, and your great clubs! Either way, I had a fantastic time. Can’t wait to be there again next year".

Jeff Ostermiller
Carmichael, California